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Predictions on 2024 Industry Trends


Over the next couple of months, CrowdPharm experts will share their predictions on what trends will dominate the 2024 healthcare landscape. All their insights will be housed in this blog.

The AI Takeover
Alex Silverstein, Managing Director, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

One of the biggest 2024 predictions we can count on will be the AI takeover. AI will continue to move faster than it’s regulation. We will see job losses in low-level creative work and job gains for those who can wield the technology to catalyze their creative and supercharge output. There will be big opportunities for: first-movers who can leverage the AI APIs that are just now coming into fruition; integration with all digital products; and customized AI—a chatbot for every pair of eyes.

We will see the beginning of AI-based tracking for personalization to the extreme where impersonation will become a growing concern—top brands will need to be wary of imposters that are smarter and harder to recognize. This technology will provide opportunities to dazzle with faster production and more advanced analytical capabilities than ever before.

Commercialization of Pharma
Kaley Wagner, Managing Director, Client Operations
A trend that the CrowdPharm team has been focused on in the last year is the consumerization of pharma and healthcare. In recent years, we’ve seen the acceptance of tele-health and consumer tech giants like Apple, Google and Amazon jumping into the healthcare and pharma space, all seems like it’s paving the way for a more consumer-focused approach in this industry.


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