Mike Myers Named a Successful CEO to Watch in 2023


“Client expectations of their agency partners have changed. Today’s environment requires dramatic transformation if healthcare agencies are going to be able to continue to deliver.” Mike Myers, Managing Director and Partner

Published in the June issue of Clover Clients:

CrowdPharm offers something no one else in healthcare advertising had offered before: access to the best minds in healthcare around the world.

Founded in 2017 by Mike Myers and Steve Bernstein, CrowdPharm Partner, this full-service healthcare advertising agency does everything—from logo design and convention booth design and planning, campaign launches and creative concepts, to websites and social media. Their core services are not different than those of their competitors. How they deliver these services to clients and their brands, however, is fundamentally different on almost every level.

By combining the skills of their full-time personnel with carefully chosen individuals from CrowdPharm’s global network, CrowdPharm creates teams that are scaled to the demands of its clients, ranging from brand strategists and graphic designers to MDs and PhDs.

The agency has received several accolades including MedAdNews Agency of the Year 2023, MM+M’s Best Places to Work 2021 and 2022, Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2022 and 2023, and PM360 Trailblazer’s Professional Campaign Gold 2022.

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