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CrowdPharm Named one of 30 Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2023


CrowdPharm — Transforming the way agencies work with healthcare brands by tapping into the right experience in real time.

Published in the July issue of CIO Outlook, 30 Fastest Growing Companies to Watch 2023

Recently, Mike Myers, Managing Director and Partner of CrowdPharm, spoke exclusively to CIO Bulletin. These are a few excerpts from the conversation.

Q. How did CrowdPharm come to be? What was the initial idea while starting the company?
CrowdPharm Partner Steve Bernstein and I wanted to build a healthcare agency model that addressed the challenges clients have today by leveraging technology to connect and engage talent around the world. We wanted to be able to tap into the abundance of global strategic and creative healthcare talent in real time and focus on our people.

We launched the agency with the belief that every client has the right to tap into the abundance of worldwide healthcare communications talent.

Q. What sets CrowdPharm apart from the other multiple healthcare advertising agencies?
Simple: By offering something no one else in healthcare marketing has provided to clients before—real-time access to the best minds around the world—we’ve transformed the way agencies work with clients and brands.

We’re a full-service healthcare advertising agency. We truly do everything—from logo design and convention booth design and planning, campaign launches and creative concepts, to websites and social media. Our core services are not different from those of our competitors. How we deliver these services to our clients and their brands, however, is fundamentally different on almost every level.

We bring a unique, client-focused approach to agency engagement. We align full-time team members in our five offices around the world to ensure client continuity and the highest levels of engagement and oversight.

In our proprietary global network, PharmYard, we have 7,200+members from 120+countries around the world. We build custom client teams in real time, aligning the right people at the right time to give clients the best quality of work. We can have over 100 people working on a project in 24 hours or less. And we can go back to a small core group just as quickly. We provide high-quality work flexibly and cost-effectively. In PharmYard, we have people with experience in every therapeutic area in healthcare.

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