CrowdPharm’s Work in AI Is Named by PM360 as One of the Most Interesting Innovations of 2023


KANSAS CITY, MO – December 14, 2023 – CrowdPharm, a Spectrum Science company, has been included by PM360 in the Innovations issue in the category of artificial intelligence (AI). The annual issue highlights the most interesting advancements in life sciences, healthcare, and marketing. PM360 is a leading trade magazine for marketing decision-makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics industries. Read CrowdPharm’s profile in PM360’s Innovations issue here.

CrowdPharm’s team jumped into exploring how AI tools can streamline workflows and deliver exceptional results to clients. From project managers to creative directors, the agency is incorporating AI into its daily work. Here are a few examples:

  • CrowdPharm added AI to the proprietary application that runs its global healthcare talent network to identify and align talent to task. By uploading a creative brief and job details, the AI tools search our 8,600+ members and identify those who are an excellent fit for the project at hand. The program was built to help identify talent that explicitly matches the brief and job.
  • The agency is developing an AI-powered natural language search for members. Using a simple text box, the team types in what they’re looking for—for example, “I’m looking for a copywriter who speaks French and has expertise in rare disease”—and AI returns a list of matching candidates.
  • CrowdPharm used AI code generation to develop a program from scratch that automates PDF document creation from animated banner ads of multiple sizes, assembling all animated frames into a single-page document. The result is one PDF in a matter of minutes vs hours of screen grabbing and layout. Not only did this save operations time, but it also saved at least 40 hours of costly development work.
  • CrowdPharm’s Culture Club launched “Happy FridAI,” where each Friday, they feature a new AI-generated “Pharm” animal that showcases one of their fellow Pharmers—the team has to identify their colleague.

As a technology-based agency, CrowdPharm launched an AI task force with the mission to harness the power of AI technologies to drive innovation and enhance efficiencies across various disciplines. The task force includes a broad representation of functions across the company and is charged with providing best practices, staying abreast of regulatory rulings, and keeping current on data integrity and privacy issues. They pressure test the integration of AI tools into their work, identify areas where it can improve processes, and leverage the speed at which AI generates outcomes.

CrowdPharm’s creative team has found that these tools drastically reduce the process of image research and retouching, serve as thought-starters, and allow for quickly generating and communicating rough ideas with visual tone with clients. Incorporating AI has allowed their teams to quickly visualize, communicate, and refine ideas––often sparking new avenues of exploration via prompt results while helping to rule out others. The only limitation is the artists’ imaginations. Great work will always result from combining their people’s thinking with AI. Leveraging technological advancements makes them more productive, efficient, and creative.

“Today’s generative AI systems leverage complex mathematical models and algorithms, but they require humans to unleash their full potential in enhancing productivity and fostering creativity. We are being incredibly thoughtful about how we integrate these new media into our work processes,” says Alex Silverstein, Managing Director, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. CrowdPharm’s experts have been sharing their thinking across our social channels, highlighting functionality, reporting trends, and predicting what the future could hold.

By providing training and learning opportunities, CrowdPharm’s teams are pioneering the responsible and effective use of AI technologies seamlessly into their daily work processes, enabling them to unleash new levels of creativity, productivity, and quality across their world-leading network of experts. Their goal is to promote their expertise and maintain the trust of peers, clients, and stakeholders through the careful and ethical use of AI by maintaining awareness of algorithmic bias and the changing nature of work. Ultimately, this focus informs the agency of the latest regulations, intellectual property law, and privacy considerations.

Now in its twelfth year, PM360’s Innovations issue is published in December. This issue was established as the industry’s first-ever guide to the year’s most innovative advancements and has since become a premier resource. This year, the issue expanded to include 13 categories: Artificial Intelligence; Clinical Trials; Consumer Tech and Wellness; Core Business Processes; Data and Cybersecurity; Employee Acquisition, Development, and Programs; Health Technology Non-Consumer; Life Sciences; Marketing Technology or Services; Metaverse; Payers/Insurance Companies; Startups; and Telehealth/Telemedicine.

“We know the importance of innovation, which is why we expanded this issue to include the most fascinating and ground-breaking achievements being made in all areas of life sciences, healthcare, and marketing,” says Anna Stashower, CEO, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of PM360. “The innovations we selected are changing how our industry operates to create better ways to develop treatments, run companies, educate physicians, improve diagnosis, and much more to ultimately find better ways to serve patients.”

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