CrowdPharm Embraces Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Efficiencies and Unleash Innovation


Launches Task Force to Establish Guidelines
Expands Titles for Key Leaders

KANSAS CITY, MO—June 15, 2023—CrowdPharm, an independent full-service agency with healthcare’s largest network of global talent, announces its adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool to drive enhanced efficiencies and unleash innovation. The agency has already started adding AI to the proprietary application that runs their global talent network to identify and align talent to task.

“Spring 2023 will be remembered as the tipping point moment for generative AI, as what was once in the realm of science fiction became real. These generative AI innovations will soon become integral to our daily lives,” says Alex Silverstein, Managing Director, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. “As a technology-based company, we are continually driven forward by innovation. The agency’s goal is to deliver great strategic and creative solutions to clients, and we believe it’s our responsibility to master these pioneering technologies and help our clients realize the value they offer.”

As an example of how AI can create internal efficiencies, Silverstein recently built an application that automated a process and delivered a document to the agency’s operations team with a few clicks. Although it’s a small example, it saved Silverstein at least 40 hours of development time. CrowdPharm clients are now benefitting on a regular basis from this innovative use of AI.

The agency has subsequently launched a strategic task force to establish judicious protocols and guidelines around how and when to appropriately tap into the potential of AI. “One of our many goals includes teaching our people and the members of our global talent network how to responsively and effectively use these tools, because, moving forward, great work will result from combining our people’s thinking and AI,” says Silverstein, who leads the task force. Silverstein and the agency’s digital expert, Terrence Brown, have expanded titles to reflect this heightened focus: Managing Director, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer; and Vice President, Digital Strategy and AI.

CrowdPharm’s task force deliberately includes broad representation from departments across the company and is charged with providing best practices, staying abreast of regulatory rulings, and keeping current on data integrity and privacy issues. They will pressure test the integration of AI tools into their work, identify areas where it can improve processes, and leverage the speed at which AI generates ideas. The agency will continue using these generative AI tools as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency.

Silverstein acknowledges that individuals are sometimes skeptical of “new” technology and uses the analogies of past technology evolutions to reduce that hesitation. “When photography was invented, the death of fine art was declared as imminent. But Impressionism came almost directly after. Many feared the cloud revolution would cause mass unemployment of IT personnel, but these same technicians became conversant with cloud technologies and now run it all for us. Technological advancements make us more productive, efficient, and even creative,” says Silverstein.

“Today’s generative AI systems leverage complex mathematical models and algorithms, but they require human agency to unleash their full potential in enhancing productivity and fostering creativity. We are being incredibly thoughtful about how we integrate these new media into our work processes,” says Silverstein.

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