3 Ways Global Creativity Benefits Brands


When you’re looking for fresh creative ideas for your healthcare brand, who do you engage? Do you push your internal team to think differently or harder? Hire familiar freelancers from your local area? Explore highly recommended resources from elsewhere in your region or the country?

That’s the approach many agencies and brand teams take. But there’s a big, wide world out there, chock-full of talented creators and strategic thinkers ready to pitch in and help you stretch your vision beyond the traditional and expected.

Why Recruit Resources Globally?

You may be thinking about the challenges of recruiting the best resources from around the world. Don’t worry—we’ve got that covered. Instead, consider how these three benefits might push your healthcare agency or business forward.

  1. Break free from geographic constraints. Engaging a network of global creators and strategists gives you the ability to discover something unique. Let’s say you’re launching a product in the United States. The typical reaction is to engage industry creators who know your product type and can provide ideas based on their previous experience in that country. But, what if you opened up the call for ideas to creators worldwide? You just might land fresh, well-informed ideas with a global perspective that would resonate with a large cross-section of the U.S. population—setting you completely apart from your competitors who chose the familiar option.
  2. Engage local, regional, or international audiences. Working with global creative talent can help you build your brand communication efforts to accurately reflect global thinking, not just U.S. thinking that’s been translated. This method accommodates local idioms, sensitivities, and conventions—and considers how translation may affect the relevance of your message—so that your brand transcends regional distinctions. Or, conversely, so that it will be differentiated from regional competitors. When it comes to executing against those options, you’ll be able to save time and money, too.
  3. Play the time zones. Speed is often an issue at all stages of brand communications work—whether you’re naming a product, working on new concepts, or executing core ideas into different channels. By expanding a team globally, you’re able to take advantage of all 24 hours in the day. Why wait for three weeks of business days in New York to complete your work, when global teams can often cut your timelines in half?

CrowdPharm’s proprietary global network gives you access to these benefits and more. You even have the option to request global input for your project.

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