CrowdPharm is an exclusive network of health, medical and pharma-focused creators—and we’re always looking for folks to help us turn out the freshest thinking for our clients.

Let’s make hay.

Whether you’re a full-time freelancer or just looking for a side gig, CrowdPharm offers fertile opportunity.

  • Put your talent to the test in exciting new ways
  • Grow your portfolio with work for name brands
  • Get paid fast and fairly, at the going market rates

Have questions? We have answers.

Who can join?

Any professional, amateur creator or healthcare professional with experience in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, or medical fields is welcome, including:

  • Art directors and designers
  • Copy and content writers and editors
  • Animators, illustrators and graphic artists
  • TV, film and video producers
  • Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants
  • Web designers and developers
  • Medical illustrators, photographers, and PowerPoint designers
  • Market research and media planners
  • Social media content developers
  • And lots of other creative types!

How is eligibility determined?

Upon receiving your application, we will:

  • Review your profile to be sure your experience and unique talents match our clients’ needs
  • Review your work samples or portfolio to assess your qualifications and skills
  • Email or call you to discuss any questions we may have

What kinds of projects are available?

We work on both B2B and B2C projects for a range of companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical fields. Our work spans the gamut, from multichannel branding and product launch campaigns to design, naming, strategy, websites, advertising, trade show displays, sales materials, and more. Work is not guaranteed. The frequency of our work is determined by clients’ scopes of work. If we are busy, you could be busy, too!

How do I get selected for projects?

Once you’ve joined the network and as work becomes available, you’ll be sent invitations to challenges or assignments that match your qualifications and that offer either guaranteed compensation or spec opportunities. You choose what to take on. Again, it’s worth repeating that work is not guaranteed. The frequency of our work is determined by clients’ scopes of work. Our rates generally match current freelance rates in large markets. If you prefer not to receive open invitations, we’ll consider you only for assigned work. But please keep in mind that, in many cases, stellar work on an open opportunity may lead to regular assignments.

How much work do you expect me to take on?

We will never penalize you for the frequency with which you choose to work with CrowdPharm. Our network includes creators around the world with a wide range of specialties and experiences, so you’re welcome to pitch in as much or as little as you like. Most members join CrowdPharm to earn a little extra money, knowing that full-time work is not guaranteed but is based upon clients’ scopes of work.

How fast do you pay?

If you are guaranteed compensation for an assignment or you are awarded compensation for an open call, we will send you invoicing instructions and make sure that we have your paperwork in order. Then we’ll pay you as promptly as possible. This is usually determined by how quickly our client chooses a final idea, which sometimes includes conducting research. We understand the challenges freelancers face with long billing cycles, so we strive to land within a 30-day window.

Who owns the rights to my work?

If you accept an assignment with guaranteed compensation, then we own your work from the time you submit it to us. If you accept an open challenge without guaranteed compensation, and we don’t select your work to share with our client, then you continue to own your work. If we happen to decide later that we’d like to use your work, we’ll contact you first and arrange compensation.

What do you do about conflicts of interest??

Our network is made up of both full-time freelancers and creators who freelance on the side. In both cases, it’s common for our network members to have noncompete clauses in contracts with their existing clients or employers. We expect that you know what your conflicts of interest are and will avoid accepting projects that compromise your existing responsibilities.

How do I join CrowdPharm?

You can join right now. It only takes a few minutes to tell us a bit about yourself and provide examples of your work. You’re also required to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) as part of the registration process. We’ll review your information and, if you meet our eligibility requirements, email you when we’ve activated your account. Then you can log in, review any current invitations, and get started. Please bear in mind that the amount of work we have at any given time determines the number of invitations we send. The busier we are, the more invitations we send. Make sure that your portfolio and profile truly reflect the breadth of your capabilities.

CrowdPharm always means new and different ways to flex my creative muscle.”


Working with CrowdPharm has been a terrific experience. Projects are always interesting. Scope and deliverables, always well defined. Project management is organized and detailed and the communication is great.”


I learned a lot in the medical field based on the diverse pharma clients, and applying the creative aspect is a great challenge.”


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